Change is the new constant in these volatile, uncertain times. But how do you deal with that? How do you make sure to engage all employees, and at the same time improve performance?

We would like to give you a taste of a proven approach. With some entrepreneurs and passionate consultants we developed Ben’s Bakery: An intensive and fun two day program in which teams learn about the Lean Methodology through a unique experience. Where change goes hand in hand with a boost in engagement and where participants can taste continuous improvement together.       

Ben’s Bakery is “a taste of lean” for people who are looking for better and more sustainable performance in their organisation.

Ben’s Bakery shows that even a very simple product needs a Lean process to obtain good results.


  • Senior management and his/her core team members (max. 6p)
  • Line managers who will have a leadership role in a Lean program 
  • Starting Lean teams

Most of our participants work in medium and large organisations. We keep the groups small in order to teach quasi one-to-one in an interactive experience.


During two days, we teach you the principles of Lean Management. These are explained in workshop style before we present you with a real-life process that you - as a team - are going to improve.
We will do a before-and-after exercise in a pleasant environment and relaxed atmosphere. You experience and notice the results, making you fully grasp the Lean principles.


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A methodology to work thoroughly, motivated and in a team on:

– added value for the customer

– higher efficiency levels

– increased engagement of people at all levels in the organisation.

This two-day session will be conducted by two seasoned Lean consultants who are convinced of the methodology through their own client project experience.


We are going to bake! Together we will make a Hungarian specialty; a pastry less known in Western Europe, which is as simple as it is tasty. Its production process - from raw materials to the customer – is very suitable to illustrate the Lean approach.

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Niko was the first company to test the Ben’s Bakery workshop. The participants discovered how a seemingly simple process still requires a Lean view to lead to better results. The video will show you how they managed to do so.Moreover, they learned they can use the same principles within their own organisation.